By Chandrasena Kuruppuarachchi JP and Retired Principal
Feb 28, 2015 01:25 pm
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By Chandrasena Kuruppuarachchi JP and Retired Principal

The world has become a global village with the development of technology and communication. Every sector gets updated through technology. Occult sciences such as Astrology should also be updated through observations and experiments.

At present, various astrologers express contradictory views to the media. As a result, the reliability of people on Astrology could diminish. Therefore, there is a necessity to establish reliability in this subject. It is intended to stress the psychological aspect of Astrology through this article.

When consulting a doctor, the patient is carefully checked and observed by the doctor. It is considered physical treatment. Psychological treatment should be carried out more carefully. Astrology consists of psychological treatment as well. In a situation where the client is undergoing a malefic period, the astrologer ought to explain the situation without creating panic in the client. If the client panics it could negatively influence him. Therefore, it is essential to handle the subject wisely; otherwise the results can be worse. Thus the astrologers who handle this need to be educated and mindful.

Lagana Erashtaka and Erashtaka related to 2nd and 12th Houses can bring severe results. Since Saturn makes a movement after 2.5 years, Erashtaka period exists for 7.5 years. It is known as Lagna Erashtaka. When Saturn is placed in the 1st House, the person can be passive, de-motivated and frustrated. If Saturn is located in 2nd , there could be financial drawbacks. When Saturn is placed in the 12th it would result in physical injuries. Saturn in conjunct with malefic planets can also create negative consequences.

These consequences are not extremely negative for Capricorn. It is also necessary to understand how Saturn is aspected by Jupiter. Jupiter is directly aspected by the 5th ,7th and 9th Houses. It is also necessary to recognize the effects of major periods and interim periods. It should be accepted that the 3rd and 6th Houses are positively influenced by Saturn bringing both positive and negative results.

Mars(Kuja) and Rahu are considered to be malefic planets. Mars or Rahu being placed in 7th could bring negative results. Failures and troublesome behaviours are expected with the effect of Mars. Such behaviours and failures could be subdued by major periods, interim periods, and auspicious aspects. In the process of revealing these factors, astrologers should be very careful as such readings could create a depressive mindset in the client.

Providing guidance to overcome the negative consequences of the malefic planets can be considered as psychological treatment. Performing bodhi-pooja and other religious activities could nullify the effects of unwholesome planets. Worshiping God Shiva , Goddess Parvati , performing deva puja to god Kataragama and Vishnu, releasing serpents such as snakes are some of the rituals done to prevent the negative consequences of Rahu.

Offering alms to adults, worshiping God Vishnu, feeding crows with Ghee-mixed food, offering blue flowers are some of the rituals done to overcome the negative effects of Saturn. In addition, chanting Karaniyametta and Ratana sutta, practicing Buddhanussati meditation, reciting Gathas such as ' Sabba Papassa Akaranan' are some of the solutions for malefic effects.

Performing meritorious activities could purify your mind. It leads to longevity and good health. Therefore, in conclusion it can be stated that there is a psychological base for astrology.

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